October 30, 2020

Washington Depot

I took a quick ride down to Washington Depot and was able to capture a few images at Hidden Valley. You can see this one and others in the Washington Depot Gallery All images were captured by VIP Studios. All gallery prints are available for purchase.

This 10 x 15 print is only $37.00

Washington Depot_8238


October 23, 2020

The Farmington Trail Foliage


The Farmington Trail Fall Foliage Collection

This picture was taken by VIP Studios in October 2020. This photo is available for purchase and would be stunning in a gold frame. There are also some other great photos that are available for purchase here at the gallery

The Farmington Trail Print 8007

This 10 x 15 print is only $37.00

Farmington Trail _8007


October 16, 2020

October Fall Photo Sessions

 October is the perfect month for family pictures outside. VIP Studios had the pleasure of photographing this family recently up Collinsville CT. You can see some more photos on the Gallery Page

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October 9, 2020

The Farmington Trail

 My recent bike ride down The Farmington Trail, I brought my camera with me and took some pictures for my Home and Office Wall Gallery Web Site at VIP Studios. Hope you enjoy the photos. There are many prints available  at  

The Farmington Trail Gallery 

This 10 x 15 print is only $37.00

Farmington Trail

Farmington Trail


October 2, 2020

Litchfield Scene

A scene from Litchfield, CT taken by VIP Studios. This print is just beautiful framed or just canvas. Acrylic is absolutely stunning. Check out some different styles at "People, Places, and Things" gallery under Litchfield 3466   

 This 10 x 15 print is only $37.00

Litchfield 3466