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Home and Office Wall Prints - Litchfield, CT

Home and Office Wall Prints of Litchfield CT
Please feel free to visit the gallery for more images of Litchfield taken by VIP Studios

Home and Office Wall Prints - Beautiful Fireworks Displays!

Beautiful displays of Fireworks here and available for purchase.
These photos are one of a kind and would look great in any Office or Home!
VIP Studios photographed all images and has multiple galleries for you to enjoy!
One of a Kind Professional photographic shots of Fireworks for your Home and Office. Choose your photo, choose your size, and choose your frame or canvas. Perfect!

Home and Office Wall Prints - Seagull and the Moon

VIP Studios recently came back from California after a long deserved mini vacation.
I had the pleasure of going down to the pier in San Diego and captured this shot.
One of my latest Wall Prints for sale.
I call it Seagull and the Moon. (Seagull_Moon)

Home and Office Wall Prints for Sale!

Welcome to my new Home and Office Wall Prints Gallery!
Professional Quality Photo Prints ready
to display in your office or home
Any size ~ Any style
Framed ~ Canvas ~ Acrylic ~ More!
Visit our store and design the finished
style that fits your decor!
Shipped directly to you completed!

Victoria and Eric's Photo Session at VIP

I had a great photo session with Victoria and Eric at VIP Studios! 
Two wonderful kids! I had a blast photographing them both, and here are only a few of the 200 or more images that we did.

In-Studio Session with Sheryl's Gang

December 16, 2009 - Photo Session with Tristan, Victoria and Sean

Sheryl, a new client, stopped by to have pictures taken at VIP Studios of her favorite little gang she admires so much!

The kids were great to work with.

I was glad to meet Sheryl and the kids.

Vinod's Marriage Proposal

August 15, 2009 - Photo Session with Vinod

Vinod called the Studio and asked me if I was able to take some time to photograph him for a very special assignment. You see, Vinod is from India and his mom and dad are living there, while he is living here in the U.S. The plan is to find a wonderful girl from India that would be interested in marriage, so Vinods parents asked, "why don't you send us some new pictures?"

VIP Studios was honored to have the opportunity to photograph Vinod for his parents.

Look out ladies! This guy is a good catch!!!!

I had a great time with Vinod. He was easy to work with. Vinod said he is hoping I can do his wedding when the time comes. I am hoping too!

Laura and Robert's Wedding Day!

May 23, 2009 - Photograph Laura and Robert's Wedding Day

Watch the Slide Show Video!

May 23rd was a great day for a wedding!!
Robert and Laura contacted VIP Studios to photograph their wedding day.

The Bride and Groom were stunning!

The priest was wonderful. (Father Pace)

The church was magnificent.

The photos came out absolutely great!

Congratulations on your wedding!!!!

Gloshyla and Aaron's Wedding Day

May 9, 2009 - Photograph Gloshyla and Aaron's Wedding Day

Gloshyla contacted VIP Studios and asked me to capture her special day. I was honored to have been her photographer to say the least. The bride was beautiful, the groom was handsome, the day was perfect, and I had it all.

Watch the Slide Show Video!

After the wedding ceremony we went to the park for pictures.

Reception was at Addona's Banquet Room in Prospect. They did a very nice job there.

Did someone say cake??

Love these shoes! Very nice Gloshyla!

One of Gloshyla's bridesmaids that caught my eye ;) (very cute!)

Are we having fun yet? You bet!!

Thank you Gloshyla and Aaron!!! I loved being there!!!!

An Awesome Greek Photo Session

Saturday, March 14, 2009 - Photo Session with a Greek twist !

Saturday's photo session was awesome. VIP Studios photographed two young children adorned in their Greek apparel. The shoot went well the kids were great and I had an awesome time to say the least!!

Another Great Photo Session with Justin!

December 13, 2008 - Second Photo Session with Justin

Yup! Another great photo session with Justin! I photographed Justin here at VIP Studios last year, and now it was time to do a second session with him. Really enjoyed the session very much. Justin is becoming and looking more and more like a mature young man. Hope you enjoy the images.

Watch The Slide Show Video!!