March 14, 2008

Three prayers and a funeral

Friday, March 14, 2008 - Meet Ken Reeder at Grace Baptist Church at 9:00 AM

Yes......, I did get a little emotional on this job. A good friend of mine Ken Reeder, a Disc Jockey I have known for over 20 years called VIP Studios and asked if I would be able to video tape his brothers "HomeGoing" Service this week at Grace Baptist Church. I committed and said yes, having done a funeral service before, it wasn't my first, but this one was different. Seeing his brother David Reeder in a open casket and having his mom, brothers, sisters, and extended families all there filling the church pews really got the best of me when the hymns were being sung by the choir, hearing the pains of sorrow from the closest family members and the eulogies they prepared and spoke so softly, broke me down to a humble person. I could not help my eyes from welling up as Amazing Grace rang through those church walls. David must have been a very special person. It showed throughout the service the family so carefully put together. As the pastor spoke, he reminded us that we can make and brake all the appointments we want, but one. God's appointment with us is one that we have no control over, it's in God's hands and when that scheduled appointment is's time.
I was honored to have the privilege to video tape for Ken Reeder. I have always respected Ken. After today, my thoughts of gratitude, family, and love are more thought about in a more deeper sense. As the saying goes......Here today, gone tomorrow. I want everyday to count now. This is a new day.
Thank you Ken Reeder for the opportunity to meet your wonderful family.
Welcome home David, welcome home.

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