June 7, 2008

Another Funeral Service Video Taped

Saturday June 7, 2008 - Meet Mary Macary at Lebanese Church up East Mountain

Mary called the night before and wanted to know if VIP Studios could video tape her father's (Hameed B. Macary) funeral so she could send it to some family overseas. Sounds like this is getting to be something more and more requested since this is my second funeral in the last few months. Even been getting requests for my business card from the funeral homes so they could contact me again. First Lebanese funeral I have done. Very close to a Greek format if you ask me. Although I would say, the job was very good and only took up two hours of my time. It was worth it, and it was a pleasure to meet Mary and her family. From what I understand, Hameed was the one that started the Lebanese Festivals here in Waterbury. He was also very close to the Jarjura family.

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